It is a light weight library to download YouTube video as mp3 files Created By How to Download Gradle: compile '

Youtube Video link to mp3 file Youtube Video link to mp3 file

Youtube Video link to mp3 file

Youtube Video link to mp3 file

It is a light weight library to download YouTube video as mp3 files

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How to Download

compile 'com.ajts.androidmads.youtubemp3:youtubemp3:1.0.0'

How to use this Library:

This Library is used to download mp3 file from youtube video link.
new YTubeMp3Service.Builder(MainActivity.this)
    .setFolderPath(new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), "/YTMp3/Downloads").getPath())
    .setOnDownloadListener(new YTubeMp3Service.Builder.DownloadListener() {
        public void onSuccess(String savedPath) {
            Log.v("exce", savedPath);

        public void onDownloadStarted() {

        public void onError(Exception e) {
            Log.v("exce", e.getMessage());

Download From Github


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