QR-Code Generator - Library

In this Post, I introduce my new Gradle Library. This Library is used to Generate QR Code Automatically for our specified input.
How to Import the Library:
compile 'androidmads.library.qrgenearator:QRGenearator:1.0.0'
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
How to use this Library:
After importing this library, use the following lines to use this library. The following lines are used to generated the QR Code
// Initializing the QR Encoder with your value to be encoded, type you required and Dimension
QRGEncoder qrgEncoder = new QRGEncoder(inputValue, null, QRGContents.Type.TEXT, smallerDimension);
try {
  // Getting QR-Code as Bitmap
  bitmap = qrgEncoder.encodeAsBitmap();
  // Setting Bitmap to ImageView
} catch (WriterException e) {
  Log.v(TAG, e.toString());
Save QR Code as Image
// Save with location, value, bitmap returned and type of Image(JPG/PNG).
QRGSaver.save(savePath, edtValue.getText().toString().trim(), bitmap, QRGContents.ImageType.IMAGE_JPEG);
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Github Link:
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